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Take a look at the special skills beyond fish savvy we're looking to add to the team. Current opportunities require your physical presence in Sheridan, Wyoming.

Chief Fish Health Officer

This brand new position is in charge of receiving and caring for our newly imported fish, fish nutrition, and fish health. If selected, you would run our fish diagnostic lab and, with the help of a veterinarian, determine when our fish are healthy and ready to sell to customers, and when fish need to be removed from the sales list due to health issues. Basically, we need a passionate fish enthusiast to make sure every fish we receive gets the best care possible from arrival until they are sold and sent out to our customers, ensuring that every fish we send out the door has the best chance of thriving for our customers.

This is a core position. As Dan's Fish grows, we envision this position growing into a leadership role heading up a fish care team which you would assemble. At the moment, we consider Dan's Fish a start-up company, but we are on a mission to better the aquarium fish industry and we have big plans to make that happen. We've doubled our sales every year for the last 5 years, but we still have a lot of growing we need to do in order to fulfill our mission. It is going to be a lot of hard work, but it is rewarding work. Help us manage this growth, and we'll try to make this a job you love so much that you jump out of bed excited for work everyday.

The ideal candidate is a passionate aquarium fish enthusiast with training as a Veterinary Technician, or someone with animal health experience who is comfortable with microscopes.

Don't know about Dan's Fish yet? We are a large online aquarium fish store located in Sheridan, WY with customers throughout the USA, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Our mission is to humanely source, maintain, and transport fish to our customers so they thrive long-term for our customers

You can learn all about us on our Youtube channel here: Dan's Fish YouTube

This is a full-time, salaried position.

If this job tickles your fancy, please submit your cover letter and resume to

Aquarium Fish Warehouse Associate

Do you love freshwater Aquarium Fish? Do you want to work with fish on a daily basis? At Dan's Fish, we are seeking an Aquarium Fish Warehouse Associate to help us care for our growing fish collection. This position will include preparing fish for shipping, shipping fish, providing care for fish, and maintaining aquariums, as well as sundry duties.

This is a Full-Time position. Pay starts at $16/hour. There is plenty of room for advancement in our company.

Don't know about Dan's Fish yet? We are a direct to consumer online seller of live freshwater aquarium fish located in Sheridan, WY. We ship live fish to customers in the USA, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

We are an industry leading, mission driven company. Our mission is to create a more humane experience for live aquarium fish and make sure our customers receive healthy fish that thrive long-term. We do this by humanely sourcing, maintaining, and transporting our fish according to the most "fish friendly" techniques in the industry...techniques which we invented right here at Dan's Fish.

You can learn all about us on our Youtube channel here: Dan's Fish YouTube

If this job sounds right for you, please send a cover letter and resume to