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Dwarf Redtail Eel

Hobbyist Bred and Raised

Macrognathus sp.

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Details -

Natural Range: Unknown

Source: Aquarium Bred and Raised

Estimated Size at Shipping: 2.5-3.5" give or take a bit

Max Size: They appear to be an undescribed species and we've never seen full grown adults, so we're not sure exactly how large these get. However, Aquarium Glaser puts their adult size at about 6", so we don't think they get large. Ours are peaceful and get along well with the Corydoras catfish and Aphyosemion killifish they are housed with. As long as their tank mates are not small enough to be a meal, the eels are not aggressive towards them.

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Overview: The prettiest freshwater eel we've ever seen. No one knows exactly what species they are. They were bred and raised by a hobbyist in Europe, but we don't know the exact origin of the parents. Whatever they are, they have proven easy to care for and quite hardy.

Setup Considerations: In the wild, these fish burrow down in mud and leaf litter. They won't feel secure unless they have tight spaces they can hide in. Also, providing a fine sand substrate or containers of fine sand in their aquarium will give them an opportunity to burrow. We've also found that they like hanging out in dense yarn spawning mops. They come out often and are not as shy as most eels, but they do need plenty of cover in order to feel secure.

Specific Care Requirements: Eels are expert escape artists so an escape-proof lid is a must.

Diet: Peaceful Carnivore: Our eels are feeding eagerly on frozen and live foods. They relish frozen bloodworms. We have not tried transitioning them to Vibra Bites, pellets, or flakes, but have read that they can be trained to eat these processed foods.

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